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Today, training is stuck in an old model

Knowledge no longer circulates quickly enough in companies and the current skills of employees quickly become insufficient.

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Digitalisation is no longer enough

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It's time to adapt your platform to your learners

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Your learners are demanding

Always on the move and overstretched, learners can, with Beedeez, adapt their training to their daily lives, not the other way around.

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Your learners are free

No longer complex ecosystems, your learners benefit from a comprehensive, integrated and dedicated platform to allow them to develop and achieve their professional and personal goals.

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Your learners are sources of knowledge

They are the company's main source of knowledge! 35% of digital training content is produced by employees.

With dedicated support at every stage

They recommend us !

See for yourslef ...

“Beedeez is the single entry point for all our digital training, it serves as our LMS.”
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Axelle J
Ratp Dev
“Beedeez was one of the few solutions that conveyed a genuinely fun user experience!”
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Aurélie S
CFA Stephenson Formation
"We have developed features with Beedeez to increase the use of Social Learning and the willingness to learn together."
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Thibault G-D
Leroy Merlin

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