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Our partners offer training courses on a variety of topics. Their catalogues and detailed offers are available upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us !

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ready for take of


The Ready for Take Off training catalogue contains more than 35 learning tracks that are instantly available. New courses are added every month.

Each track lasts a minimum of 1 hour and consists of 8 to 10 capsules. All have a quiz beforehand and a knowledge confirmation at the end of the course.

  • Themes: Sales and customer relations, management, accounting/account management, transversal skills.
  • The methods: A fun, innovative, and efficient teaching method (videos, podcasts, infographics, various quizzes, battles, practical exercises, etc.). They use all of Beedeez's possibilities to increase the engagement and sustainable commitment of your employees. Learning has never been so easy.

Their courses can be easily adapted to accommodate your organisation. Feel free to contact them!

Partenaire Ready For Takeoff
Partenaire Skillsday

Skillsday is a next-generation training organisation whose mission is to facilitate the digitalisation of corporate training.

Their objective? To update and modernise professional training by offering sequential, shorter, more frequent, and more effective learning experiences. The goal is to motivate learners to participate in their training. 

Skillsday offers their clients support through 4 offers:
  • Blended Learning: Customised design and management of synchronous and non-synchronous multimodal courses.
  • Customised digitalisation: Skillsday digitalizes your pieces of training from the LMS of your choice.
  • A training catalogue: Skillsday has the first digital micro-learning library on the market, with more than 100 titles (soft skills fundamentals and up-to-date topics). 
  • Coaching and advice: Skillsday helps companies make the transition into a digital world through strategic workshops on digital pedagogy, technologies, blended learning, and training marketing.
SkillChunks works with the best industry experts to develop a complete microlearning service that supports organisations in their societal and environmental transition.
  • Their objective: to make employees aware of shared cultures within their community so as to foster change.
  • Their educational principle: a library of standardised capsules - all divided into two levels: training (15 to 20 minutes) and awareness-raising (4 to 5 minutes) - to build customised courses adapted to all situations and needs. 
The topics range from gender equality to eco-responsibility, as well as disability, diversity and ethics inclusivity.
Partenaire Skillchunks

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