How do you onboard your employees with Beedeez?


Extia, engineering consultancy firm

Extia is an engineering consultancy that promotes agile management and well-being at work.

  • Created in 2007
  • 2000 employees

Watch the interview with Claire Bresson, Agile Coach at Extia

“Beedeez participates in the digitalisation of our training courses, allowing everyone to customise their skills development. They can train when they want on their preferred device, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone.”

Claire Bresson 
Agile Coach at Extia 

The client 

Founded in 2007, Extia is an IT consulting company with over 2000 employees in France and Europe. Extia offers its clients innovative solutions in various sectors such as Digital/e-commerce, Banking Finance Insurance, Telecom, Retail, Health, Energy, Transport and Aeronautics.

Extia supports its clients in all of their project phases using an agile approach by proposing a unique method that combines performance and well-being at work. With its recognised knowledge and precise expertise, Extia counts 70% of the CAC 40 companies among its clients. 

The challenge

Extia's challenge was to successfully provide comprehensive and engaging onboarding to its new employees. This would ensure that they were fully integrated into the company and that knowledge was transferred. The integration of new arrivals is a crucial stage, so it is essential that it is done in a serious and comprehensive manner

To provide the best possible experience, Extia needed a solution that would capitalise on the knowledge of employees. They also needed to easily share and distribute all the content that a new employee needs for successful integration.

The solution

Beedeez proposed a Mobile Learning solution consisting of a collaborative back-office to create content and facilitate follow-up, along with a front-office in the form of an application or Web App for employees.

This solution allows to: 

  • Provide employees with easy-to-use content through knowledge capsules divided into different tracks. Learners can therefore easily access general information about the company but also business training or presentations of the various services offered by Extia.
  • Centralize all the important information in one place, making Beedeez an accessible source of knowledge necessary for a smooth onboarding process.
  • Offer remote onboarding if needed but also in a hybrid format for a social and human experience.
  • Increase learner engagement through gamified and personalised formats.
  • Monitor newcomers' progress with self-diagnosis tools and detailed statistics.


The result

By using Beedeez as the main knowledge base, Extiens can, when they need it, but also take advantage of opportunities for exchange and sharing, which are essential for the successful integration of new employees.  

As a result, since the introduction of Beedeez, the employee satisfaction rate with the onboarding process is 4.5/5. 

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