Areas' digital onboarding goes into high gear with Mobile Learning 


AREAS, N°3 in travel catering in the world

Number 3 in concession catering in the world, Areas serves travelers with the care and expertise of an exceptional restaurateur. 

  • 12 countries (No. 1 in France and Spain)
  • +735 restaurants and airport outlets
  • +759 restaurants and outlets on freeways
  • +208 restaurants and outlets in train stations

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"For several years now, we have highlighted the issue of welcoming teams who are not part of the AREAS workforce and of training them before and during the show.

This year, the operational teams asked us once again about potential solutions. But this time, unlike previous years, we had a solution for them -> the PLAY 2 LEARN application!

As of today, we consider this test launch phase to be a success, and we are preparing to distribute the product to all our AREAS employees in France, in all markets (highways, cities, train stations, airports, leisure)."

Jean-Michel Demée
Head of Digital Training, AREAS

The challenge

With 25 fixed catering outlets, numerous food trucks, and ephemeral sales outlets, Areas has boosted its contribution to the success of the Paris Motor Show (formerly the Mondial de l'Automobile), which welcomed more than one million visitors!

It was a real challenge to train the hundreds of temps and extras recruited for this major event, given the constraints of time, mobility, and cost:

  • 25 catering outlets 
  • +400 new  learners
  • Complete training: welcoming customers, basic health and safety rules to be respected, key products of various concepts...

for an almost immediate onboarding need!

The solution

Areas innovates thanks to Beedeez' mobile learning solution: a white label application, customizable, based on an effective interactive gamification system!

This application was used to easily train the 400 employees mobilized for the International Motor Show on the basic skills of their profession.

  • An application accessible everywhere & all the time, to train quickly and efficiently… even on the field!
  • A growth in competence illustrated by a gamified environment, stimulating and completely adapted to the business sector: as their training progresses, learners earn miles… enough to sail around the world 6 times!
  • For trainers: a simple and intuitive design! Instant understanding of the back-office and exceptional time saving for the creation and distribution of knowledge capsules…

The effect

Training "one-time" newcomers for this type of event can indeed be complicated and cumbersome in such short periods of time.

By eliminating face-to-face training sessions during which all the teams are mobilized, the time saved is remarkable.

In addition, thanks to the flexibility and intuitiveness of the content creation platform, the quality of the training sessions were not compromised!

In just a few minutes a day, learners were able to learn directly in the field, in a fun and effective way. The results prove it: 

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Minutes or 81 hours of training

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