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Our educational experts challenged themselves with the task of using all our product's possibilities to offer you impactful, entertaining and interactive knowledge capsules.

These innovative bits of knowledge are designed to stimulate your communities' desire to learn. They will enable you to offer a unique learning experience.

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For optimal and ready-to-use training

Find more than 140 different, comprehensive and ready-to-use capsules. Benefit from new add-ons, at no extra cost, every trimester!

Use these capsules according to your preferences. You can share them all at once or publish them gradually to stimulate learners' curiosity. You can even modify them, and adapt them to your needs and desires.

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The 3 pillars of content creation by Beedeez

Contenus variés

Offer a variety of innovative and entertaining content

Do not let your learners get bored! Instead, offer them a variety of interactive formats.

Contenus innovants

Leaving stereotypical training behind

Offer your learners capsules with engaging approaches that contain unique topics and relevant content.

Contenus 100% modifiables

Offer a 100% adaptable knowledge base

Modify the capsules' content according to your needs and add links to internal resources or company-specific content.

Reliable bits of knowledge 

Thought for fostering community engagement and the desire to learn.

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Try out all of our content formats: self-assessments, battles, podcasts... Or more traditional formats!

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Fun and gamified

Take advantage of the interactive and fun formats to ensure that the learner is never inactive.

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Mobile friendly

Integrate these capsules into our solution to provide an optimal experience for your employees.

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100% editable

Easily edit all your content from your collaborative and intuitive back-office

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Break free from conventional training with unique and truly engaging approaches.

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Current events

Discover topics inspired by current events and benefit from the latest training!

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