How did RATP Dev achieve a successful digital transformation of its training courses?

Ratp Dev

RATP Dev, a subsidiary of the RATP group

RATP Dev is a subsidiary of the RATP group: 

  • 20,000 employees 
  • 13 countries 
  • Created 20 years ago

Discover the interview with Axelle Jouvenet, Professional Development Project Manager at RATP Dev   

“Beedeez is the single point of entry for all our digital training, it serves as our LMS"

Axelle Jouvenet
Professional Development Project Manager RATP Dev

The client 

RATP Dev is a private subsidiary of the RATP Group. Created 20 years ago, it is now pursuing its international growth by operating and maintaining urban and interurban transport networks in 13 countries. The tramway in Algiers, the regional train in Johannesburg, and part of the buses in London and Charlotte in the United States are part of the large network operated by RATP Dev.

As a service business, RATP Dev's 20,000 employees are a major asset for the company and a differentiating factor. Their professional development is therefore a priority for RATP Dev. In this sense, employee training and skills development are essential. Nearly half of the company's recruitments are made through promotions and internal development. 



The challenge

RATP Dev's objective is to expand its training offer and make it available to as many people as possible. Indeed, before Beedeez, RATP Dev already offered training courses, but they were mostly organised in person and mainly reserved for a managerial population

To complete its training offer, the company wanted to find a solution that would allow it to:

  • offer its employees more training content on a variety of subjects.
  • allow them to access this content whenever they want, in an easy and very accessible way.
  • offer a new training experience where everyone is an actor of their own development. 
  • offer a global solution that can be used by RATP Dev's various international subsidiaries. 

To complete the face-to-face training, RATP Dev wanted to find a digital solution that was accessible everywhere and for everyone.

The solution

To meet its needs, Beedeez proposed a complete, engaging, and user-friendly mobile learning solution. 

The solution offers:

  • Short, sequential modules that make it easy to integrate training into the daily lives of all RATP Dev employees.
  • Fun, interactive, and engaging learning formats that promote both knowledge and retention.
  • Innovative yet accessible and easy-to-use technology for all employees to use.
  • Autonomy for the company when designing the training resources and monitoring the learners.
  • Option to create groups of learners in order to offer personalised and specific content according to the different subsidiaries of the Group.

The outcome

Today, RATP Dev uses Beedeez as an LMS (Learning Management System). In fact, the product is the sole entry point for all digital training courses offered by the company.

It offers training on a variety of cross-cutting subjects such as management, personal development, digital, etc., as well as on subjects more specific to the company such as security or onboarding. Beedeez is used in full digital mode on certain courses, or in a blended learning approach. The latter is used to validate prerequisites in preparation for face-to-face training and then to use the latter as a time for exchange, sharing, advice, and feedback between employees. 

With Beedeez, RATP Dev has been able to centralise all of its training on a single platform and offer a Group training program to a larger number of employees.

It has also helped to strengthen and further develop learners' managerial and soft skills by creating, sharing, and disseminating content directly related to their professional objectives.

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