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Set yourself apart from the rest with diversified and innovative content that will effectively engage learners.

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Diversify your training courses with extensive, fun and progressive formats

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Engage learners with fresh and fun conten

Our formats will amaze you

Design diversified and interactive training courses with our wide range of content and quiz options.

Whether it is remotely or in-person: increase learner engagement with a wide range of challenges and interactive activities.

Wide range
of formats
to use
Interactive and
social activities
wide range of format
Easy to use
interactive and social activities

Your learners will never be bored again


Our fully gamified universe allows users to progress in a fun setting, where every detail has been specifically designed to stimulate their desire to learn.


and rankings
and badges
Point and ranking
Avatar and badge
user friendly

The right content for the right people 

Offer your clients a personal and customised learning environment, so they can easily manage their training projects.

Create groups and teams in a few clicks and share the right content with the right person at the right time.

group management
Dedicated space
for each client
easy group management
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A complementary content offer

Expand your catalog with Beedeez capsules!

These real nuggets of knowledge designed by our educational experts make the most of our unique technology and will delight learners.


130+ capsules
and innovative
editable content
130 capsules
Engaging and innovative

LMS integration: we make it our business!

Do you want to integrate Beedeez content into your clients' LMS?

It's very easy! Beedeez offers numerous integrations with Learning Management Systems and continues to develop them.

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many LMSs
LMS integrated
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