The Campaigns

A theme with associated capsules and a facilitation kit, for instant learning! 

Well-paced and adapted training courses

Having great training content is good, but it's not enough! For your training to be truly effective, you need to be able to engage your learners. 

This is why we have created campaigns designed in the form of 2 to 4 key points. They allow you to pace your training and offer progressive and interesting content. 

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A customised and easy-to-use presentation 

To simplify things, we also offer a customised facilitation kit so that you have everything (absolutely everything) you need to start your training.

This package gives you all the tools for launching your training in the best possible conditions: special banners to use in your emails and newsletters, advice on how to create notifications, recommendations for the creation and distribution of your training courses...

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Four unique and adjustable campaigns for an optimised and progressive training experience

The AI Game Campaign

14 Capsules in 3 weeks

With an emphasis on artificial intelligence discovery, this campaign gives you a real, down-to-earth, understanding of what AI can do.

Campaign composition

Imagining AI - (5 capsules)
Conceptual approach to AI

Thinking AI - (6 capsules)
Technical approach to AI

Doing AI - (3 capsules)
Applied approach to AI
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The #Digital_You Campaign!

32 Capsules in 6 weeks

Digital ownership campaign. To magnify and amplify the exisiting digital tools, while sparking curiosity to explore more.

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Campaign composition

Introduction - (1 capsule)

Digital: You're doing it already! - (7 capsules)
This is true regardless of your level or your fears, the evidence is there.

The right foundations - (10 capsules)
Start from the beginning, to clarify the process. 

The human advantage - (7 capsules)
Human beings, competitive in a digitalised world

From needs to capabilities - (7 capsules)
Inspiring contemporary stories about solving problems with digital technology. 

The Collaborative Leadership Campaign

26 Capsules in 6 weeks

Collaborative activation campaign. Bringing the conditions for collective success to life.

This campaign is not about managing or controlling people, but rather about how good management will achieve success while remaining people-oriented.

Campaign composition

Introduction - (2 capsules)

Relations - (9 capsules)

Organisational innovations - (4 capsules)

Vision and goals - (6 capsules)

Key methods - (4 capsules)

Conclusion - (1 capsule)
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The Campaign

9 Capsules in 1 week

The campaign that offers an ultra-compact approach to personal development. No need to struggle through guides and manuals! We give you the essentials.

Group 78

Campaign composition

Reasoning and creativity - (5 capsules)
Learn to develop and master the qualities that make humans both complex and unique.

Efficiency at the office - (4 capsules)
(Re)discover tools and methods that support employees in improving their productivity and efficiency at work.

Controlling your emotions- (4 capsules)
Learn how to welcome and manage your emotions in the professional sphere.

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