How to transform your training courses with Mobile Learning

Sherpa Consulting

Sherpa Consulting, specialist in consulting and training in banking and insurance

Sherpa Consulting is a consulting firm that guides, coaches, trains and improves the efficiency and organization of its clients to help them achieve their business objectives.

Watch the interview with Jean-Michel Hillion, Managing Director of Sherpa Consulting

“We cannot design tomorrow's education without digital tools, whether it be face-to-face or distance learning. If we are a training organization, and we are not interested in this type of platform, it is practically a professional mistake because our clients' expectations are going to be more and more towards this field."

Jean-Michel Hillion
Directeur Général, Sherpa Consulting

The client

Sherpa Consulting is a consulting firm specializing in banking and insurance. This firm, established in 2003, has made it its goal to guide and assist its clients (AXA, BPCE, Natixis, etc.) to achieve its operational objectives. 

Thus, in addition to consulting, Sherpa Consulting started training courses in 2005 to better meet the needs of its clients. In 2014, Sherpa Consulting launched an innovative project by integrating digital solutions among its teaching tools. In early 2018, Beedeez became a major lever for modernizing training at Sherpa Consulting.

The challenge

Initially, as a training company, Sherpa Consulting wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors. It needed to find a solution that was: 

  • Innovative
  • Autonomous
  • Effective from a pedagogical point of view

Beyond these 3 criteria, Sherpa set itself the following challenges:

  • Maintain the collaborative and participative aspect of face-to-face training in its distance learning courses.
  • To offer a pleasant user experience thanks to:
    • attractive, fun, and easy-to-use ergonomics
    • the possibility of consuming varied and dynamic multimedia content;
  • Meet its technical constraints:
    • Supporting a massive number of connections for its key accounts (several thousand simultaneous connections);
    • Guarantee data and flow security, especially for its banking customers;
    • Be compatible with its LMS and those of its customers. 

The solution

Sherpa Consulting uses Beedeez for part of its training strategy via the white label application Sherpa&Me. This application has truly contributed to ensuring that users are active in front of their screens thanks to its many features. 

In fact, the white label application proposed by Beedeez gives access to:

  • learning modules based on Mobile Learning with short, fun and collaborative multimedia formats such as quizzes, battles or video tips;  
  • great flexibility. The application is available anytime and anywhere, which makes it possible to distribute training courses adapted to every user;
  • A simple and intuitive authoring tool that allows you to create content quickly and easily.

The outcome

In general, since its collaboration with Beedeez, Sherpa Consulting has received excellent feedback on the solution from users and trainers. 

Users have been enthusiastic about the quality of the content and how easy it is to use the application.

As for the collaborators who create the content, their feedback is just as positive. The application's authoring tool is intuitive and allows them to give full rein to their creativity, and has been doing so for almost 3 years.

More specifically, we can also look at the statistics of the BPCE group, one of Sherpa Consulting's clients, which are very revealing. Although the program is not yet complete, we can already report 30,778 people connected for 36,269 registered employees, i.e. a connection rate of about 85% compared to 40% for traditional e-learning courses. 

Thus, by creating an interactive and fun training program, the Sherpa&Me application has succeeded in involvoing its learners and has even doubled its connection rate.

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