A simple and extensive solution for SMEs

You don't have to be a big team to offer a comprehensive and engaging course to your learners


+90 %

average completion rate

Efficiently improve your learners' completion rate


30 min

average capsule-creation time

Make the most of our user-friendly and intuitive authoring tool for comprehensive training courses in a matter of seconds.




Benefit from numerous integrations with content creation tools

User-friendly training creation

Designing and developing a training course are not necessarily simple tasks.

Our complete, collaborative, and ultra-intuitive authoring tool helps you create effective training courses and easily manage your learners, your content, and your training sessions.

Advanced user
Content creation
Illu Solution ETI#1-2
Illu Solution PME#1-2-2
Illu Solution PME#1-3-1

Manage every aspect of your training

Manage your training courses with a comprehensive back-office.

Create groups of learners, share your capsules, animate your community and analyse the success of the training from a single location.

User and group
In person and
remote training sessions
Precise statistical
Illu Solution PME #2-1-4
Illu Solution PME #2-2-3
Illu Solution PME#2-3-2

How to engage your learners

Motivating your employees has never been so easy.

Thanks to a 100% gamified world, training becomes a game-like experience for your learners. Points, rankings, evolving avatars, or even battles, every detail is designed to motivate them to learn!

Gamified universe
Avatars and badges
Live and Battle
Gamified universe
avatar and badge
Live and Battle

Facilitate the knowledge transmission

Based on a social learning approach, our platform encourages sharing between employees so that everyone can learn from each other.

Employees are both learners and trainers, and they can easily exchange information using specific forums.

The feed
The Tips
Profiles and playlists
Profiles and playlists

Training courses adapted to suit your employees

Do your employees have very busy workdays and are unable to take time off for their training?

With Beedeez, your learners can take advantage of every bit of free time and can train whenever and wherever they want.

Offline mode
Learning commuinities
offline mode

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