How to engage and train your employees with Mobile Learning 


AntemetA, France's data protection leader

AntemetA is an SME that exists since 1995. It assists its customers in the optimization or complete overhaul of their Information Systems. 

  • 260 employees; 
  • +90 million turnover;
  • More than +1000 SMEs-SMBs, large accounts, and public institutions trust them;

“The most important thing, I think, to successfully engage your employees is to be recurring and believe in yourself. You have to get them to come in and keep them coming back. You have to show them that it's fun. You have to show that it works. And then you have to be an ambassador for the program. I don't think you can launch this kind of project if you yourself are not fundamentally convinced that this is what the company needs and that this is where you need to go!"

Lily Magagnin-Hadjadj
Head of Employer Brand & Group Communications

The client

AntemetA is an SME and France's leader in data protection. With 260 employees, AntemetA assists its customers in transforming their information systems and in all their cloud issues.

At AntemetA, training was done in a very traditional way. When a requirement emerged, they looked for an internal or external response in a course catalog. The choice of training courses was therefore relatively limited and the content sometimes outdated. The onboarding process was also somewhat outdated. It lacked standardization and modernity to make it fun and accessible to everyone…   

The challenge 

AntemetA's challenge was threefold. First, it was important to succeed in training employees on a regular basis and to maintain this learning environment. Secondly, the integration of new employees was a real challenge. Finally, AntemetA also wanted to be completely independent in terms of both the training and its content. Indeed, after having worked for a long time with e-learning modules, Antemeta wanted to move towards a more modern and flexible solution.

Thus, AntemetA needed a solution that would allow it to: 

  • train its employees on specific topics;
  • engage employees and make courses a natural and enjoyable part of their day; 
  • create a uniform and rapid integration process that gives each newcomer the same level of information about the company; 
  • become independent in the creation of the training offered;
  • modernize training by making it fun and fast so that it fits into the workday.

The solution

Beedeez proposed to AntemetA a solution that covers all their needs through an application accessible to all the Group' employees. Within this application, the following are included:

  • the entire onboarding process. That is to say, company and employee capsules, as well as very specific training courses on the jobs; 
  • all of AntemetA's security issues, including the centralization of the entire ISO 27001 certification process;
  • the possibility of engaging employees by proposing challenges and sending notifications to learners to warn them of the release of a new capsule;
  • a gamification system using battles, avatars, and other fun components that engage employees by providing an ergonomic and enjoyable user experience;
  • The possibility to create capsules quickly and easily so that anyone can create and play content.

The outcome

First, it is important to note that AntemetA has 260 accounts created for 260 users and that all accounts are active, i.e., absolutely everyone at AntemetA uses the application! Moreover, thanks to its excellent management, the application has succeeded in committing employees over the long term and has had a steady commitment rate since its launch in March 2020.  

AntemetA thus demonstrates a real “before and after” Beedeez effect in terms of the integration of new employees.  In fact, today, all employees who join AntemetA know the main figures of the company, its offers, and its rules, which was not the case before. We also notice a true change in the collective emulation that Beedeez has provoked within the teams.

The feedback from employees is very good. Everyone finds the application pleasant and easy to use, and the challenges organized to encourage engagement have also been a real success and have shown an unprecedented rate of engagement. 

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