A complete LMS to achieve all your objectives

No longer complex ecosystems, your learners benefit from a comprehensive, integrated and dedicated platform.

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A complete platform

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An open learning ecosystem

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Management of all modes of training


A complete platform  

Employees, managers, trainers, administrators: Beedeez offers a complete training platform where everyone has access to dedicated spaces that are perfectly adapted to their needs.

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An open learning ecosystem

Break down the barriers. Beedeez is the heart of a completely open and seamless learning ecosystem. It becomes the single entry point for all your training in which the learner can circulate without problems.

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Management of all modes of training

Because training is also about getting together, Beedeez makes it possible to manage and engage different learning modes, including classroom, in order to involve all learners.

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“Beedeez is the single entry point for all our digital training, it serves as our LMS.”
Logo Ratp Dev Carré
Axelle J
Ratp Dev
Today, EyeLearn has established itself as the training solution at BBGR. It is a knowledge base that is accessible from anywhere and at any time."
Arthur L
"At first, we used Beedeez's application on microlearning, and then as the experiment proved to be positive, we switched to full LMS and we put all our training on Beedeez”
Anne D
Baobab Group

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