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Today, training is becoming a priority for retaining employees and preparing them for the future

Unless it becomes obsolete and no longer suits the needs of companies.

The top-down model is getting to its limits and can barely cope as knowledge keeps evolving.

Participation rates are declining and people are demanding a more collaborative model.

Training management is complicated, and its impact is difficult to measure.

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The social learning platform makes it possible to decentralise information.

A platform to solve the challenges of the present and the future

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The ultimate mobile learning experience

With a simple and intuitive authoring tool, short formats and a fully game-like world that corresponds to the ATAWADAC concept, Beedeez offers you a system that is both user-friendly and engaging!

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More than a Learning Management System

 In order to offer a complete and innovative service, Beedeez offers a back office with an integrated authoring tool in addition to its unique technology. It provides accurate statistics, extensive animation possibilities, as well as a system for managing users and training sessions.

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A Learning Community Platform

With Beedeez, social interaction is at the very core of training. Exchanges are facilitated by dedicated spaces via the feed, the forum or the comments. Tips allow users to learn from their peers as well as to share their own knowledge with the whole community.

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The mechanisms of a Learning Experience Platform

Beedeez offers a personalised learning experience so that each learner becomes an active participant in their own training. This is accomplished by integrating your tools and a variety of different information sources within a single platform.

Use Beedeez to make training your company's greatest strength

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Provide an engaging experience where exchanges and sharing are the focus of the training

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Provide a fully gamified and interactive environment for your learners

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Take advantage of a simple and intuitive back office to effortlessly manage all aspects of your training

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Allow your employees to train where and when they want, depending on their availability

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Customise the learning experience to suit the needs of your employees to the fullest extent

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Analyse your training performances with an efficient reporting interface

Discover our customised services for a unique learning experience

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Our capsule catalogue uses all the features of our technology for optimal training
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Our experts are available to support you in your commitment to your learners
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Together with your IT departments, we integrate your HR ecosystem to ensure smooth employee management

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"We developed some features with Beedeez to increase the use of social learning and the willingness to learn together."
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