Mobile Learning designed for learners

In a world where we have immediate access to everything, learners are becoming more and more demanding.

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Engaging and innovative formats

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Customised content

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Everywhere, all the time


Engaging and innovative formats

Beedeez creates engaging and innovative formats to promote the completion of content and facilitate the transmission of knowledge.

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An authoring tool for personalised content

Customised content made available quickly for real-time knowledge thanks to a comprehensive and integrated authoring tool.

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Everywhere, all the time

Because we always learn better directly in the field than behind a desk, Beedeez offers the best Mobile Learning experience and breaks the limits of learning!

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“Beedeez was one of the few solutions that conveyed a fun user experience!”
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Aurélie S
CFA Stephenson Formation
"The Beedeez solution really seduced us thanks to its simplicity of content creation and the accessibility it offers. It can be used on all types of devices.”
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Aurélien D
"Beedeez participates in the digitisation of our training, allowing everyone to customise their skills development, to train when they want, on the device they want.”
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Claire B

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