The mechanisms of a Learning Experience Platform

Consolidate all the knowledge sources you have in one place and redistribute them to your learners to provide them with personalised learning experiences

Find all your training sources in one place

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Endless design possibilities

In addition to providing a comprehensive authoring tool, Beedeez integrates your favourite design tools into a single platform. This allows you to easily share effective training modules with your learners!

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A learner-centric solution

Reverse the roles and allow your learners to contribute to their own trainings through an interactive and social learning experience.

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Complete and integrated management

Manage all your employees and sessions as well as your entire training ecosystem thanks to the numerous LMS and HRIS integrations that Beedeez offers.

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"Beedeez contributes to the digitalisation of our training courses, which allows everyone to customise their skills development”
"Beedeez allows us to offer a fun and motivating user experience with a wide variety of activities"

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