Benefit from a full integration of Beedeez with Talentsoft

Talentsoft is an LMS designed for talent, employment and skills management.

Intégration Talentsoft Beedeez

Import Beedeez capsules into Talentsoft

Thanks to the SCORM format, you can easily export all the capsules you have created on Beedeez into Talentsoft.

Complete tracking of every action performed on Beedeez in the LMS

Measure the effectiveness of your training on Beedez through the tracking feedback in the LMS, in a serial and non serial way. Also manage the crossed feedback of SCORM and Beedeez tracking.

Improve User Identification

Allow users to identify themselves with their LMS ID and make it easy to connect to the different training platforms.

Import Talentsoft content into Beedeez

Increase the visibility of your content by importing the content created on Talentsoft directly into Beedeez. When publishing them, choose to publish them on both platforms to be sure that no learner misses out.

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