Share your content easily via Slack integration

Slack is a messaging platform for businesses that connects people with the information they need and transforms the way organisations communicate by connecting people to work together as a unified team.

Illu Intégration #14

Publish your capsules automatically on Slack

With Slack integration, you can distribute your capsules in the Slack channels of your choice and keep your learners updated at all times!

Receive notifications from Beedeez directly on Slack (tips posted, battle results, etc.)

When you receive a notification on Beedeez that a new tip has been posted or that the scores of a battle are available, you will also receive a notification on your Slack informing you of that news.

Continuity of your training solution

For enhanced engagement and efficiency, Beedeez becomes part of your application ecosystem. Ensure that your users always receive the right training at the right time by leveraging the channels they use the most.

See the integration of content:


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