google groups

Retrieving Google Groups

Google Groups is a discussion group service provided by Google. 

Illu Intégration #16

Your learner groups are recreated on Beedeez

If you use the Google suite in your company, the groups you create will be automatically recreated in the Beedeez back-office. No need to manually recreate your groups.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

With Google Groups integration you no longer need to manage your groups in two different places. As soon as you modify a group on Google, it is automatically modified in Beedeez.

100% automated entry and exit management

Joining or leaving a company is already a lot of work, there's no need to make it more complex. Thanks to our integration, when a new person arrives in your company, as soon as you add this person in the different Google groups to which he/she belongs, they are automatically added into the corresponding Beedeez groups.

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