How did L'Occitane set up and modernise knowledge transfer with Beedeez?

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L'Occitane, cosmetics manufacturer

  • +3400 points of sale
  • 90 countries
  • 6 cosmetic brands

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"Beedeez offers a very qualitative social solution in terms of content and availability of content"

Aurélie Lavenaire

Sell-out Operations Manager at L'Occitane

The client

L'Occitane is a French group founded in 1976 that manufactures and markets cosmetic and wellness products enriched with natural ingredients across the globe. 
The group consists of 6 different cosmetic brands and operates in over 90 countries. 
Within the Group is the Wholesale France department, which works with external distributors as well as an in-house network of stores. These distributors sell the Group's products within the company and therefore need to know about and train with the different products.

The challenge

The challenge is specific to the organic beauty brand Melvita. The retailers selling the brand's products in the stores were trained by trainers who visited the stores in person. As distribution grew and the need for training increased, the team of trainers was unable to visit every point of sale regularly.

Therefore, the challenge for L'Occitane was:

  • To be more actively involved with the ambassadors and retailers and provide them with appropriate content;
  • To make training more accessible to facilitate access to the latest information;
  • To modernise training courses with games and interesting content to maintain the learners' interest throughout the year.

The solution

Beedeez was able to fulfil the needs of L'Occitane by offering:

  • A simple and intuitive content distribution system, via a mobile application or a web-front, through which users could easily find content.
  • An attractive solution offering a fully gamified universe leading to better learner engagement.
  • A solution that is easily accessible, allowing the target audience to be broadened, and the number of courses to which ambassadors have access to be multiplied.
  • A social solution that enables trainers to maintain constant contact with ambassadors and in-store retailers so that they can easily keep up with all the latest developments.

The impact

Using Beedeez has had a positive impact on several fronts:

Firstly, the new training system via Beedeez has been extremely beneficial to users who gave qualitative feedback on the proposed solution.

Secondly, Beedeez has made it possible to set up a community of testers. Due to the animation and the gamified approach of the solution, users were not just more eager to learn, but they could also win cosmetic products in challenges to be able to test them and get to know them better in order to sell the products even better.

Finally, the use of Mobile Learning has made it possible to make the training available to an even wider target group with a follow-up of the training. The retailers and ambassadors receive new capsules every month, and a constant link is maintained between the users and the trainers to ensure that they always have access to the information they need to sell L'Occitane products.

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